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The information supplied on this page has been provided to assist with projects to help your product perform well over time. In cases refunds or return are not available after pick-up or delivery, as we can not monitor the environment the timber is in. Refunds do not have to be accepted for change of mind. Nationwide Timber is the supplier only and take no legal liability.

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Janka Rating

Select Grade AS 2796 – providing a floor where the feature present or natural discolouration will not dominate the appearance of the floor. Features that are permitted still include short narrow gum veins, a limited number and size of past borer activity and small tight knots.

Standard Grade AS 2796 – providing a floor that may have significantly more character than a Select Grade floor. To some degree this will depend on the features present in a particular species. In one species gum veins may naturally be prevalent while in another there may be few gum veins but past borer activity may be more prevalent. Therefore, this grade can be expected to have greater character than Select Grade, and contain an increased amount of gum vein, past borer activity, tight knots and natural discolouration.

Feature Grade AS2796 – providing for a floor that contains boards with similar features to Medium Feature – Standard Grade but where the length of features such as gum veins may be longer and past borer activity may be more frequent. Again depending on the species, features will vary and in some instances boards meeting high feature grade may only appear moderately featured.

Cover Grade – This grade contains more than the permissible number of natural features and shorter lengths. Cover grade will contain miss-machining/manufacturing defaults, and can contain large amounts of gum vein, knot holes and other natural features such as holes.
– Feel free to discuss with our team.

Prestige Grade – is best referred to as a mixture of select and standard grade.

Rustic Grade – is best referred to as a mixture of feature grade and standard grade.

Safe Decking Practice

Prior to purchasing our timber, you must read and follow the ATFA Decking Guide and other links below to ensure safe storage, expectation and having a well performed deck.

Moisture Content And Shrinkage

External decking timbers exposed to the weather will reach Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) with their surroundings after a period of 9-18 months, depending upon prevailing weather, size and type of timber used.


On-Site Storage

Timber delivered to site should be stored supported on level bearers not less than 150 mm clear of the ground. Timber should be left block stacked and banded until required. Decking should be covered and stored to protect it from the sun and rain.

End-Plating and Sealing

All decking should be coated with either a suitable water based or oil on all four sides before installation. To reduce end splitting in timber, the end grain should be coated immediately after sawing with a suitable sealer.


All fixings (nails, bolts, screws, plates, etc.) should be either stainless steel, monel metal, hot dipped galvanised or mechanically plated. Consider heavy gauge screws such as bugle screws.


Pre-drilling for screws or nails may be necessary to avoid splitting. Where pre-drilling for screws or nails is required, the pre-drilled hole should be approximately 80% of the shank diameter of the screw or nail. The size of fastener required to fix the decking boards may dictate the minimum deck joist thickness.

Joint Detailing

The design of the joints is a key factor in ensuring the durability of the structure. When designing joints in timber decks, the following general guidelines should be considered:

  • Keep the contact area between members to a minimum.
  • Make all joints self-draining.
  • Where the contact area is excessive or durability in the joint may be a problem, use a preservative paste (e.g., Koppers CN Emulsion) or a bitumastic type sealer on the contact surfaces.
  • Avoid bolt or nail configurations which are likely to cause splitting as the timber seasons. Seal all end-grain with a suitable sealer (e.g., Mobilcer-M Wax Emulsion).
  • Ensure the joint receives as much natural ventilation as possible.
  • Ensure hardwood treated joists are used, as pine may not be strong enough.


The performance of the decking and timber substructure can be markedly enhanced by ensuring adequate ventilation. Care should be taken to avoid dead air pockets. The wider the decking board spacing and the greater the ventilation, the longer the deck will last. As a minimum, a final decking board spacing of 6 mm is recommended. Not allowing adequate ventilation and air-flow will cause cupping of boards.


Maintenance must be up kept for the presentation of the timber and will also assist in the overall look as well as helping the deck’s stability.

Choose Your Floor Finish
1. Storage and Handling:
  • Upon delivery, customers are responsible for ensuring proper storage of timber materials in a dry environment.
  • Avoid exposing the timber to excessive moisture or direct sunlight, as this can impact the quality of the material. Please note the position and placement of deliveries of Timber should be appropriate for any staining that may occur from the Timber Tannins.
  • It is your responsibility to protect the surface or the product from creating this issue. We will not be held responsible for stains, markings or damage that may occur from the point of delivery onwards. This includes timber that was delivered uncovered or unstrapped, not fully wrapped or holes in plastic.
  • You will need to ensure its safe keeping and position/storage.
2. Moisture Control:
  • Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd recommends storing timber materials in an environment with controlled humidity to prevent warping, splitting or other moisture-related issues.
  • Improper storage leading to moisture-related damage may void the warranty.
  • All Timber products’ moisture content must be confirmed on delivery.
3. Customer Responsibilities:
  • Customers are responsible for following Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd guidelines on proper timber care and maintenance.
  • Failure to adhere to storage and handling recommendations may impact the warranty coverage.
4. Exclusions:
  • This policy does not cover damages resulting from improper installation, negligence, accidents or acts of nature.

For Merbau specific, and an example on all timbers, see this link.

Installation Guides

BAL and Janka ratings on this website are taken from Wood Solutions, an industry initiative designed to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products.


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