Ironbark Decking 135x19mm Standard & Better Grade Pre Oiled - $14.50 /lm. Call Us To Discuss

Cypress Timber Melbourne

With a range of Cypress timber supplies, our Melbourne factory stocks boards to suit a range of projects. Our Cypress decking comes pre-oiled with a water-based coating. When it comes to Cypress flooring, our solid Cypress Pine flooring profile is reversible for use as V-joint cladding.

Cypress is an affordable and practical choice for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. Its long-life durability making it the equal of many hardwoods. Cypress heartwood generally ranges from light yellow through to orange and light brown. The grain is straight with occasional dark brown streaks and a fine and even texture. The presence of tight grain knots is also common.

There are thirteen varieties of Cypress tree native to Australia, and Cypress trees are found throughout the world in a family including Junipers and Redwoods. Though not all Cypress trees are suitable for timber there is nevertheless a large variety of Cypress timber available.

Cypress wood is light, soft and aromatic with heartwood that is naturally resistant to both termites and decay. If you are looking for Cypress Pine timber in Melbourne ‘near me’ then why not call into our Eastern Suburbs showroom to view our range of quality timber for sale? If you’re not near Melbourne call our expert team on 1300 333 455 or email sales@nationwidetimber.com.au. We have over 200 depots throughout Australia and would be happy to help you find the nearest supplier.


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