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Spotted Gum Timber Melbourne

A durable hardwood used in heavy engineering applications, its striking colour variations mean Spotted Gum timber supplies Melbourne homes with a stunning feature and distinctly Australian character.  

Named for its spotted bark, this solid hardwood can be seen growing in white, grey, or pink shades, taking on a mottled rainbow effect of greys, greens and browns as the tree sheds small circular sections of bark.  

The frequent wavy grain of this timber can produce a much sought after fiddleback effect, where the grain curves and swirls in unique patterns. Colours range from soft creams and pale grey-browns through to rich chocolate hues. The variety and versatility of this Australian hardwood make it suitable for either a sleek and modern setting or a more rustic style. Browse through our gallery of Spotted Gum to find a unique look for your next project. 

Looking for a Spotted Gum timber supplier ‘near me’? Eastern Suburbs residents will find our Melbourne showroom stocked with quality samples of all our timber flooring for sale, and with over 200 depots throughout Australia there is sure to be a Nationwide Timber supplier near you.For those who can’t make it into a showroom, we are happy to send detailed descriptions and images of the products we have in stock. Call us on 1300 333 455 or email sales@nationwidetimber.com.au


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