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Australian Wormy Chestnut Timber for Sale

Australian Wormy Chestnut (sometimes known as Firestreak) does not actually come from a chestnut tree at all. The timber is named for its characteristics rather than its species, and comes from a blend of eucalyptus obliqua, eucalyptus sieberi and eucalyptus fastigata. Australian Wormy Chestnut timber tells the tale of its growth in the forests of Victoria’s East Gippsland region, where these hardwood species are scorched by fire, stunted by drought, and riddled by moth larvae and ambrosia beetles.

The ashy brown to rich chocolate timber is perfectly imperfect, adding rustic charm and instant character to any space. All of our timber is carefully graded so that you can be sure the natural imperfections of this wood will not cause structural weakness in the finished product. Wormy Chestnut is, in fact, a solid and extremely hardwearing timber.

Searching for Wormy Chestnut timber for sale ‘near me’? Our Melbourne showroom provides a convenient drop in point for our customers throughout the Eastern Suburbs, and with over 200 depots throughout Australia there is sure to be a Nationwide Timber supplier near you. Call us on 1300 333 455 or email sales@nationwidetimber.com.au to find out more about shipping options or to ask any questions of our friendly team.   


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