Ironbark Decking 135x19mm Standard & Better Grade Pre Oiled - $14.50 /lm. Call Us To Discuss

Blackbutt Decking Timber

Blackbutt is a premium decking timber, showing excellent resistance to denting and wear, and a beautiful look that will have the neighbours green with envy. With a coarse texture and relatively straight grain, this light yellowish-brown hardwood often features small gum veins which can see it readily available in different grades, and we often have feature grade timber available for sale.

High-quality timber decking like this is always in high demand, so call ahead with any specifications or requests. Our team are always happy to consult with you to find the right product for the job and we supply to residential and commercial builders as well as DIY homeowners. We think it speaks for itself that many professional builders choose Nationwide Timber when sourcing quality Australian hardwood for their own homes. We simply have a great variety of materials available at an affordable price.

Searching for Blackbutt decking timber in Melbourne ‘near me’? We have a wide range on display at our Eastern Suburbs showroom, and as all our timber is solid, not engineered or composite, we are confident that you will find our first-class products to be a worthwhile investment. 

With over 200 depots around Australia we can help you find a supplier near you. Please call our expert team on 1300 333 455 or email sales@nationwidetimber.com.au to find out more.


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