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Tallowwood Timber Melbourne

Tallowwood, with its stunning colour and grain texture is prized for high end projects. Predominantly yellowish brown, tinged with olive green and displaying beautiful growth rings, Tallowwood can display a look similar to Blackbutt, however it has a distinctive lustre owing to the naturally oily timber with a ‘tallow-like’ feel. The texture is moderately coarse with an interlocked grain that is free of gum veins.

Owing to its popularity, you will find Tallowwood timber for sale throughout Australia, though it is native to New South Wales and Queensland, growing in forests near the coast. The timber from this solid eastern suburbs hardwood may be tough and durable, however the trees themselves are particularly sensitive to either frost or drought.

If you are searching for Tallowwood timber in Melbourne ‘near me’ please have a browse through our online gallery, or stop into our showroom to view larger samples of our extensive range. With over 200 depots throughout Australia, stocking only the best quality timber at the right price, we are the Tallowwood timber supplier for you. Call us on 1300 333 455 or email sales@nationwidetimber.com.au to find out more about our range. Our friendly team will answer your questions, and we offer free consultations to help you find the right product for your needs.  


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