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Ironbark Timber for Sale Melbourne

Ironbark is a beautiful timber, with Grey Ironbark ranging from pale to dark chocolate brown, and the distinctive Red Ironbark in various shades of pale red through to rich luminous hues. With a moderately coarse texture and interlocked grain, the name Ironbark actually refers to a number of eucalypt species sharing the same distinctively furrowed grey to black bark.

Ironbarks tend to grow tall and straight, and this, coupled with a high Janka hardness rating of 14, make them ideal as millable timber logs, as telephone poles and in shipbuilding. Although the extreme density of this solid hardwood can make it difficult to work, the results are certainly worth it. The warmth and elegance of Ironbark make it a very popular choice, and we have proudly supplied many quality boards of Ironbark timber to Melbourne homes and businesses.

Ironbarks are a common sight along the eastern coast of Australia. A number of species also produce white to red flowers, making them popular for street plantings throughout the eastern suburbs and as habitat for native birds.

If you have been searching for suppliers of Ironbark timber for sale in Melbourne ‘near me’ then drop into our showroom to browse our extensive range. Don’t worry if you aren’t near Melbourne, we have over 200 depots around Australia. Call us on 1300 333 455 to speak to one of our friendly team members, or email sales@nationwidetimber.com.au and we can send you detailed images and descriptions of available stock.


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