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Refund, Exchange and Issue Policy

Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd has a return, refund, or exchange policy. It is essential to inspect your items against your sales invoice within 24 hours of receiving the timber. Refunds are not offered for changes of mind or dissatisfaction with grade or lengths of timber received. Return costs, along with a 20% restocking fee, are the responsibility of the purchaser. Returned items must be in the same condition as when it was picked up or delivered. Refunds will only be made through the original payment method.
Refunds are bound by our Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability as outlined in its statements. This also includes,

Cancellation Policy
– If you wish to cancel your order before collection or delivery, assistance will be provided, but you may be required to cover Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd costs.

No Refund on Custom Orders
– No refund is available for custom-made or special-order products if cancelled prior to supply.
– Improper storage leading to moisture-related damage may void the warranty.
– All Timber products moisture content must be confirmed on delivery.

Refunds, Exchange and issues are also bound by our Pick up and Deliveries conditions as stated in these terms and conditions.

Pick up and Deliveries

Customers are responsible for arranging appropriate transport for orders. For deliveries, access for heavy vehicles like Crane trucks or Tilt trays must be ensured.

There must be a person present at the delivery premises who is authorised to accept the materials/delivery. For hand unload deliveries there will need to be someone present on site to assist with unloading. If there is not Materials will be left in a position at the drivers/contractors discretion. From on grass, driveway, front nature strip etc.

Pricing and services for hand unload options are available upon inquiry.
You must ensure that the site is accessible and safe for our subcontractor to deliver the product. This includes safe working heights and distance free from risk and obstructions and complies with Occupational Health and Safety Laws for each appropriate vehicle.

Note that Crane trucks, Tilt tray or Hand Unload deliveries are at the discretion of the operator and Crane truck deliveries do not unload in to garages or sheds.
Delivery times and delays can be expected.

We will not be held responsible for delays and/or associated costs.
If delays or rescheduling is made due to weather conditions, this will be the customers responsibility.

We do not accept liability for any delays in delivering any orders/products, things can happen outside of our control. (e.g. if stock is unavailable), damage that is directly attributable to our negligence, wrongful act or wilful misconduct we will communicate a resolution.
Rescheduling deliveries will incur additional charges that may include the first delivery cost and storage fees additionally. This is at the discretion of Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd.

If the delivery driver arrives and is unable to deliver the Goods or considers that it is unsafe or inappropriate to do so, you may be required to pay for re-delivery at a later date. In the circumstance that materials require extra delivery personnel. This will incur an additional charge.

Please note all deliveries are done by outsourced contractors. All Damages that occur will be resolved by the responsible party.

In the case of all deliveries packaging materials such as plastic, straps, bearers, pallets, packing timbers, cover boards, tape, etc rubbish that is part of the order will be left on site during the delivery process and is the customers responsibility to dispose of these items.

  1. Storage and Handling:
    – Upon delivery, customers are responsible for ensuring proper storage of timber materials in a dry environment.
    – Avoid exposing the timber to excessive moisture or direct sunlight, as this can impact the quality of the material.
    Please note the position and placement of deliveries of Timber should be appropriate for any staining that may occur from the Timber Tannins.
    It is your responsibility to protect the surface or the product from creating this issue.
    We will not be held responsible for stains, markings or damage that may occur from the point of delivery onwards. This includes timber that was delivered uncovered or unstrapped, not fully wrapped or holes in plastic.
    You will need to ensure its safe keeping and position/storage.
  2. Moisture Control:
    – Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd recommends storing timber materials in an environment with controlled humidity to prevent warping, splitting, or other moisture-related issues.
    – Improper storage leading to moisture-related damage may void the warranty.
    – All Timber products moisture content must be confirmed on delivery.
  3. Customer Responsibilities:
    – Customers are responsible for following Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd guidelines on proper timber care and maintenance.
    – Failure to adhere to storage and handling recommendations may impact the warranty coverage.
  4. Exclusions:
    – This policy does not cover damages resulting from improper installation, negligence, accidents, or acts of nature.

By accepting delivery of timber materials from Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd, customers acknowledge and agree to comply with the terms outlined in this policy.

Please note our interstate deliveries are made via a 3rd party logistics provider and there can be delays or damages sustained during the shipping process. Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd will communicate and advise on the 3rd parties resolution.

For Merbau specific you must read this information.


1. Delay Fees:
– In instances of delays in pickup, deliveries, or pre-arranged storage agreements, a fee will be assessed based on the specific case and the volume of the order.
– The charges for warehouse storage costs will be determined on a job-specific basis and communicated to the customer promptly.

2. Communication of Charges:
– All storage charges will be clearly communicated to the customer before invoicing, ensuring transparency and understanding of the incurred costs.

3. Invoice Payment:
– Storage invoices must be paid by the due date to avoid additional penalties and actions.
– Timely payments are crucial to maintain a smooth and efficient process, and customers are encouraged to adhere to the specified payment schedule.

4. Penalties for Late Payments:
– Failure to settle storage invoices by the due date may result in additional penalties.
– Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd reserves the right to take appropriate actions to recover outstanding payments, which may include legal measures if necessary.

5. Customer Cooperation:
– Customers are encouraged to notify Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd promptly if they anticipate any delays or issues with payments to explore potential solutions or alternative arrangements.

6. Review of Fees:
– The company reserves the right to periodically review and adjust storage fees based on market conditions and operational costs.

By implementing and adhering to this storage policy, Nationwide Timber Pty Ltd aims to maintain efficient operations, uphold transparency in communication, and ensure fair treatment of all customers.


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