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Flooded Gum Flooring

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MOST POPULAR: 80x19mm Select Grade - $88.50m².

Our Flooded Gum timber flooring starts from just $40.50m².

See below for the available sizes and gradings.

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Nationwide Timber Logo Tp
  • Exclusive Warehouse Direct Prices
  • All prices include GST
  • Melbourne factory and showroom
  • Delivery options across Melbourne and more than 200 depots around Australia, including Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide
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Product Information

Flooded Gum is also known as Rose Gum due to its soft pink and red colouring. It is a straight grained timber that comes from a tall eucalyptus tree that can reach 45 to 55 metres in height. The Rose Gum grows on the eastern coast of Australia from Newcastle to Bundaberg and is known as one of the most productive plantation eucalypts.

  • Janka Rating: 7.5


When you buy from us you'll be happy to know that we carefully make up your order and arrange pick-up or delivery at your convenience.

Melbourne and surrounds:

Once your order is ready, you can pick it up from our Melbourne base at 4/43 Power Road, Bayswater. Alternatively, we can arrange delivery. We have great relationships with a number of delivery sub-contractors, and we'll work with them to come up with the best delivery price and time for you.

Australia-wide - including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide

As our name suggests, we deliver to a network of more than 200 depots across Australia. Get in touch and we'll help you find a delivery location near to you where you can pick up at your convenience.

Sizes and

Flooded Gum Flooring Sizes and Gradings

This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of the most common sizes.
  • FLOORING: 130x14mm | 130x19mm
You'll find flooring is typically priced in square metres (m²).

Click to find the available sizes and gradings for Flooded Gum Flooring.


The feature present or natural discolouration will not dominate its appearance. Features that are permitted still include short narrow gum veins, a limited number and size of past borer activity and small tight knots.
Significantly more character than Select Grade. To some degree this will depend on the features present in a particular species. In one species gum veins may naturally be prevalent while in another there may be few gum veins but past borer activity may be more prevalent. Therefore, this grade can be expected to have greater character than Select Grade, and contain an increased amount of gum vein, past borer activity, tight knots and natural discolouration.
  • PRESTIGE (Also known as Standard & Better)
Best referred to as effectively a mix of Standard Grade and Select Grade.
A timber that contains boards with similar features to Medium Feature Standard Grade but where the length of features such as gum veins may be longer and past borer activity may be more frequent. Again, depending on the species, features will vary and in some instances boards meeting high feature grade may only appear moderately featured.
Best referred to as a mixture of Feature Grade and Standard Grade.
This grade contains more than the permissible number of natural features and shorter lengths. Cover Grade will contain miss-machining/manufacturing defaults, and can contain large amounts of gum vein, knot holes and other natural features such as holes.  


The Janka Ratings you see on this website refer to how "hard" a timber is. The harder the timber, the higher the rating. So a timber with a rating of 15 is very different in strength to the softest timber we sell, which has a rating of 3.


Affordable Quality:

Nationwide Timber provides great value and we don't compromise on price. The vast range of timber we supply and our buying power with local mills means you get the best of both worlds - premium quality at exceptional prices you won't believe.

Sustainably Australian:

Beautiful timber shouldn't cost the Earth, and that's why we sell products certified by the PEFC and FSC - standard bearers in sustainable forest management. We are also proudly "Australian Made", which means that most of the timber we sell comes from iconic Australian hardwoods.

We'll Look After You:

Our family-run business has a building background and we know the Australian timber industry inside out. We love to put that experience to good use by answering any questions you might have and advise you on what's best for your needs. We always aim to provide you with the right product at the best price.


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